The Benefits of using Sharewave Hosted PBX

ShareWave Hosted PBX consolidates your communication network, increases employee productivity, reduces your costs, and basically just makes your life a whole lot simpler. Benefits to you include:

Cost Savings
• No costly upfront investment to purchase traditional PBX system
• Ability to view real-time telephone usage to better control call efficiency and therefore call costs
• Free calling between your offices/extensions
• Fewer external phone lines required due to more efficient use of each
• No need for in-house IT staff since the system is hosted by ShareWave
• Better priced bundled features than traditional PBX

Credible and Professional Business Image
• Professional automated greeting and messages to callers
• Automated Attendant provides a self-serve directory for new callers
• Hunt groups allow customized routing queues within members of a department
• Users can have calls automatically forwarded to a cell phone or other extension when they are out of the office
• Voicemail for each extension

• Employees can work from home, other offices, mobile phones, and even overseas
• Works with your existing telephone service
• Your network can incorporate local as well as international landlines, mobile phones, and VoIP services (provided by your carrier of choice)
• You can access ShareWave Hosted PBX either by computer or phone

• Easy to expand and grow with your business, unlike traditional phone systems
• No expensive, under-utilized, on-site telephony system if the number of employees is reduced

Quick & Easy to Setup & Use
• ShareWave can set-up the system for you or guide you through a do-it-yourself process
• Using the phone system is as easy as making and receiving calls on a phone.
• Complete Web-based Management
• Users can securely edit certain features online
• ShareWave monitors and manages your system for you
• No system maintenance, since the hardware is installed at our site
• ShareWave Hosted PBX can be up and running very quickly compared to a traditional telephone system.